I am continuously fascinated by the way people use objects and how they customise them to make them their own

I draw upon a wide selection of materials including natural green wood, man made materials and some salvaged and/or reclaimed.

I use a wide variety of skills including traditional woodworking with hand tools, rope and rigging techniques and modern CNC and RP methods of manufacture.

I have a wide experience of the world, RAF fitter, barman, animation technician, operating theatre cleaner, mystery caller, gardener, graphic designer. All of which have played a strange and varied part in making me the designer I am today.

I graduated in product design as a mature student from the Glasgow School of Art.


I am passionate about design and all that is associated with it and welcome any feedback, communication and /or collaboration especially with dissimilar materials or techniques. If you would like to comment about my work, good or bad, or communicate with me about a technique or project please use the form on the contact page.