Sunday Papers

stovelldesign rolled sunday papers

A range of products made from tight rolled newspaper. It explores their compressed life cycle and was inspired by the bundles of newspapers left out side shops on a Saturday night, which have a cultural and economic value, and that the same product has a different set of values by Monday morning, in that the news is old news and their value is for pulp. I wondered that if by simply repackaging, the material life cycle could be extended. At the end of the seats life it can still be pulped.

The papers are obtained with permission from the waste stream, Images are often placed with an influence of serendipity.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube showing the making process: Go to Tube video

The instructions of how to make your own stool can be found at the bottom of the page .


A 63cm diameter table

Stools at the British Library

Stools at the British Library

Above is a video of how to make furniture from newspapers and magazines.

The instructions shown below are of how to make your very own Sunday Papers stool. If you do make one I would love to see the results, just post me a pic to the email address in the contacts page, enjoy.